3 Reasons to Switch to Google Apps

Google Apps LogoIf you are serious about moving into the cloud, there’s a good chance you’ve considered using Google Apps. As a versatile and collaborative web-based productivity suite, Google Apps for Education and Businesses is a powerful tool. While Google Docs is not as feature-rich as Microsoft Office or LibreOffice, the simple and elegant nature of Google Apps and Google Docs is enough to make you stop and think.

Here’s 3 compelling reasons to move your organization to Google Apps today.

  1. Live Collaboration
    When I’m working with colleagues on a project plan, building a document with multiple contributors, or creating new financial models nothing is more helpful than Google Docs. We build our documents and spreadsheets together. I can see who is typing what and where they are putting their two cents; everyone is literally on the same page. 

    Try the in document live chat tool to talk with your team. If chat isn’t good enough, fire up your webcam’s with Google Hangout and collaborate face-to-face, anytime, anywhere.

  2. Access From Anywhere
    Have a web browser? You’re good to go. You can access Google Apps from multiple browsers on almost any operating system you can imagine. Want mobile access? Access documents on the go with the Google Docs and Drive App’s from your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

  3. Low Barriers To Entry with Gmail
    Any organization evaluating a switch in essential applications must consider training and migration costs.¬†Fortunately, Google Docs has migration tools available to help move your data into the cloud. 

    What are the chances your co-workers already have a personal Gmail account?

    Good? Switching to Gmail is a great foot-in-the-door with minimal training investment required. Moving beyond Gmail to Google Docs and other Google Apps becomes just a matter of time.

Google states over 4,000,000 businesses have already switched to Google Apps, including notables like NOAA, Virgin America, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Konica Minolta. Not only will you have shared calendars, and shared documents. You can collaborate in real time with your peers all around the world.

Google Apps Icons

When you look at the price of competing applications and productivity suites on a per user basis, $5 a month or $50 a year becomes increasingly attractive.

Want to Learn More?

Scroll through our Google Apps for Businesses page at DisklessWorkstations.com


Evaluate your cost to switch with Google’s Gone Google Tool

Google AppsAt DisklessWorkstations.com we believe “If you sell it, you should use it”. Google Apps has been a valuable tool for both organization and collaboration in our company. Now we are helping our customers make the switch too. We’ve helped customers deploy Gmail, Google Docs, and even implemented Thin Client Solutions with Single-Sign-On to Google Services.
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