K12Linux – LTSP back in RHEL Distro

LTSP for K12LinuxK12Linux a Fedora based Linux distribution for deploying thin clients has lacked support and development since the middle of 2009.

Now, two years later, Warren Togami a major contributor to both Fedora and the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) is bringing thin client support back to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) based distribution with updates through 2017.

Now in beta testing, Togami is getting close to making his $3,000 funding goal. With approximately $2,500 contributed, he’s not far from creating a K12Linux EL6 LTSP distribution which will be supported with important updates until 2017.

K12Linux and LTSP have played a key role in cost savings for educational and other organizations deploying the open source thin client solution. K12Linux creates an environment where multiple ltsp thin clients or recycled desktops receive their operating system from the server. The LTSP Linux thin client environment increases the shelf life of desktop hardware by eliminating local hard drives and creates a user environment where any user can access all of their documents and settings from any thin client on the network.

K12Linux, LTSP, Fedora, and others are very valuable open source projects that have recycled computers, put new efficient thin clients into use, and saved a variety of organizations considerable amounts of money. At the commercial sponsor level, tech giants and companies like DisklessWorkstations.com have committed considerable sums of money to open source projects over the years.

If you are one of those who have benefited financially from LTSP, K12Linux, K12LTSP, Fedora or another open source project, show some support for Togami’s effort with K12Linux EL6 by donating today.

Important Links

K12Linux Tech Demo (Youtube)

K12Linux Website (find donation information here)

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